Research & Publications

I’m interested in the mathematics and physics of quantum theory and quantum information, in particular:

  • quantum computation
  • holographic codes
  • quantum many-body systems
  • anyons


  • T. J. Osborne, D. E. Stiegemann. “Quantum fields for unitary representations of Thompson’s groups F and T” (2019). arXiv:1903.00318 [math-ph]
  • K. Beer, D. Bondarenko, A. Hahn, M. Kalabakov, N. Knust, L. Niermann, T. J. Osborne, C. Schridde, S. Seckmeyer, D. E. Stiegemann, R. Wolf. “From categories to anyons: a travelogue” (2018). arXiv:1811.06670 [quant-ph]
  • D. E. Stiegemann. “Approximating Diffeomorphisms by Elements of Thompson’s Groups F and T” (2018). arXiv:1810.11041 [math-ph]
  • T. J. Osborne, D. E. Stiegemann. “Dynamics for holographic codes” (2017). arXiv:1706.08823 [quant-ph]


  • “Dynamics for holographic codes” (2018). QIP Delft. video
  • “A QIG review of the paper ‘Many-body localisation implies eigenvectors are MPS’” (2016). Group seminar, Hannover. video